Day 8 – 10: Breath-taking scenery and a small fire

Thursday started refreshingly with wind and limited visibility. We rigged our kites and kited for about a kilometre. Then the wind suddenly died. The day has been sunny, but no wind for the rest of the day.

We walked from “Agaardbukta” and up to “Jøkulvannet”. That is where they say all the polar bears are, as it is the place people go to look for polar bears. We had to camp there because we had no wind, but we had polar bear watch all the time. The campsite was amazing with a perfect view to Agaardbukta and the sea ice.

We got to kite up a valley this evening with wind straight in the face. We have also been kiting next to a glacier. So blue and icy. That was really cool.


It has been a very cold night, but we have very hot sleeping bags. Minus 25 degrees is making polar bear watch painful, but it helps with a spectacular view. 🙂

We have had an accident with one of the camping stoves today. We assume it had a defect – which resulted in a small explosion. One of the tents caught fire, but luckily, no one was injured. Only the fly sheet/outer tent. All the other equipment is fine and so are we. We have gotten rid of the broken camping stove: it was a good thing that we had an extra one with us.

We walked up to Passbreen. It was so heavy to walk up with the sled. It is rigged and packed for kiting, not for pulling it while walking … But the view was super beautiful.


Kari finally saw a real (chocolate) polar bear. We had to give her a real one since she keeps imagining them everywhere all the time. Ha ha. And Cecilie and Lars got a new tent to, so everything is good. Super nice actually!

It has been a very cold night, but now the sun is coming up. We slept a little longer than the other days today. Felt like we needed it to charge our batteries a bit. Today we are setting course towards “Sassendalen” and “Rabotbreen”. If we don’t get any wind, we’ll just to keep walking with heavy loaded sleds.

Weather report says no wind today, but clear sky and still freezing cold. It is supposed to be a change in weather tonight.

It has been an incredible experience so far. We are so small in such great nature. Sometimes it is good to have a reminder that we are only humans, small decimals in the big picture. We are moving in a landscape that have existed long before humans walked the earth and will continue to exist when humans no longer walk the earth. We are guests in a nature we only have on loan. An away ground we humans never can tame or truly own. We can only humbly pay a visit – as we are doing on this expedition. We are really enjoying this adventure.

All photos: Francisco Mattos

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