Svalbard in our hearts forever

15 days in the breath-taking Svalbard nature moving along with the wind is an insane experience. Spitsbergen island has been one of the most perfect places we’ve experienced as kiters. We made a primar blueprint of coordinates planning this trip moving from south to north, with the intention of mapping the possible areas to kite. Challenging our own planned route, it turned out perfect when we allow ourselfs to follow the natures plan. When we decided to follow the wind, and not go against it, we could kite every day. Moving through valleys and spectacular glaciers we collected memories for life.

Svalbard has the most beautiful nature in the world, and using the force of the wind as transport while discovering this breathtaking landscape, just blew us away. No noise, just silence moving along with the wind in this crazy place. We had beautiful sunny mornings with no wind just enjoying out breakfast and the ever changing scenery surrounding us. Around midday, the wind started blowing. We rigged our kites and got them up in the air, and kept going until the wind dropped. Just in time to make camp and get some much needed rest for the next day’s adventures.

Moving from the Rabot glacier to Longyearbyen took us three days traveling with the wind. The plan was to use longer time, but the wind suddenly got stronger and made us move a lot faster.


It was a special feeling when we finally spotted the city in the horizon again and kited into Longyearbyen after 15 days out in the field. Hurtigruten Svalbard wished us a warm welcome when we came kiting into the city.

After that we had some really nice food and the best shower ever. A much needed shower after all these days. We didn’t exactly smell like flowers. 🙂 We were so happy to be back in the civilization, but at the same time it was a bit sad that this awesome adventure was over. This has been an unforgettable adventure. An experience for life. We have fallen completely in love with this nature. Svalbard is in our hearts forever and we will definitely be back for new adventures.

Thanks to all the people that has follow the trip and to Lone Helle that has updated our blog and media. Also a big tanks to all the sponsors that made our dream come true. We have now a lot of material that we will fore sure share with you guys and we also have new exited plans 🙂

More will come

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