We are happy to announce that Nordic Green Energy is our mane sponsor for Svalbard Snow kite Expedition. Nordic Green energy is thinking green and is making the energy from Water, wind and water.

Take a look at there web page and get inspired.



We are super happy to be working togheter with Hurtigruten Svalbard. They have been helping us a lot with an amazing stay, helping us with the route, and logstics. They are also driving us out and getting us back from the field. Take a look at there web page and book your trip with them http://www.spitsbergentravel.com/start/




Devold from norway  has the best wool clothing in the world and we are super happy to tell you guys that we will be wearing this wool at Svalbard. Take a look at devolds web page.


We are happy to to be wearing Musto clothing on this expedition. Musto has been the big sailing brand for years and  is now making winter clothing.
We will be testing them in the extreme conditions at Svalbard.
Take a look at there webpage to look at there nice clothing for all conditions.


Roberto Ricci designs is the kite brand we will be using under the expedition. We are happy to get a deal whit them. They have the best kites and also the kites we get the most happy to see up in the air with us. Take a look at there web page to order some gear for you to play with.



Helsport is from Norway and so are we. Helsport will provide us with the best tents, sleeping bags and bags for the trip. To sleep and stay worm at a trip like this is important.  We are super happy to work together with helsport. Order you gear at there web page.





We are happy to be using whitedot skis at this expedition. they have made good quality skis for a long time and we have been riding with them for some year now. Thansk Whitedot for coming on this trip together with us.




Emap has been helping us with the maps and also with the coordinates for this trip. We are happy to work together with emap and to get so good information about Svalbard.




We will together with ShutterBird production make a documentary about this trip crossing Svalbard  using the power of the wind. We are happy that ShutterBird is working on this project together with and the rest of the team.




We are happy to tell you guys that «Green wind team» will be using Astis handcrafts glows at the expeditions in Svalbard.  The glows are made of natural materials.  They don’t only look good they are also the best glows in the marked.

Take a look at there web page.  Stay warm. Stay Positive


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We will be riding Out Of goggles on this trip and are happy to work together with activsport norway on this project.




We will be using nordpulken at Svalbard. Its a new designed and we are happy to be able to use this. Its designed to kite with and will help us moving more easy.

Take a look at this new designed PULK at there web page.